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Meet our Founder

Michael Wolff

Leading the way for over 25 years

Michael has been a senior consultant in the ICT space for over 25 years. During that time his roles have included complex solution design and transition for multiple blue-chip companies including leading banks and insurance companies. Michael's achievements include the complete infrastructure design and deployment of the Australian environment for one of the world's largest merchant banks.
Michael's novel use of technologies from vendors including HP/Aruba, Microsoft, Fortinet, Mitel and others have led to his solutions being adopted as exemplars from some of these companies and reused internationally for some of their most significant clients. Many of Michael's solutions have been the subject of published case-studies and are considered the first of the kind.

Michael has frequently been a sponsored guest or speaker, recognised for his leadership in the ICT field. More recently his architectures have demonstrated new mechanisms for bridging the IT/OT gap in modern office buildings. His solutions focus on the intelligent use of contemporary technologies rather than deploying proprietary solutions that bind clients to a single vendor

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